New Cyd website being shown on a laptop on a table next to a coffee cup and a pair of headphones..

Launching a temporary home for Cyd

Today we’re launching a temporary website for Cyd along with Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to share progress and start conversations about the project.

Cyd is the home for procurement and commercial professionals in Wales.  It is the new procurement centre of excellence where procurement and commercial communities can learn and support each other.

Cyd’s initial focus is on the role of procurement and commercial in supporting Wales’ target to reach Net Zero by 2030. Cyd is currently in Alpha which means we’re developing services based on the needs of the people who will use them and then testing them as we go.


Working in the open

We’ve committed to working in the open from the outset.  We’ve been sharing progress openly through Show and Tells that are also recorded so that anyone who misses them can watch them on catch up, sharing with our testing community and taking on board their feedback and insight, and blogging. We’re really grateful to the Welsh Government Digital and Data team who have been allowing us to use their blog as guests, letting us publish our progress and then share it via the Welsh Government Procurement team’s LinkedIn and Twitter.


Developing a web presence

As part of this first phase of our work, and following feedback from our user testing group, these are the first three services that we will be developing:

  • Create / curate training materials related to different stages of the procurement/ commercial lifecycle
  • Create / curate case studies using a consistent format to gather and share insights and lessons learned
  • Work with the community to develop a consistent approach for estimating (pre-procurement), capturing and reporting (through contract management) on carbon emission data in a meaningful way.

As we develop these services in conjunction with procurement and commercial professionals in Wales, we’ll be building an online presence to support those services.  But right now, we need a place to publish our blog posts, share information about events and allow people to get in touch. The temporary site we’ve developed will allow us to do this while we design and build our longer term, more interactive site.


Social media

We’re also launching our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles so please give us a follow on Twitter and LinkedIn @CydCymru.  We’ll use these accounts to share content from the site and keep you updated on progress and events as they happen.  You can also keep in touch by signing up to updates about Cyd.

If you are a procurement and commercial professional in Wales you can also join our group of testers who are working with us to help test the services that Cyd will develop.

Cyd site is currently in Beta and this website will be developed as new services are created.
Cyd site is currently in Beta and this website will be developed as new services are created.