Bilingual Technology toolkit for good user experience

We want to double the daily use of Welsh by 2050. That’s a big ambition, so we’ve got big plans. Technology’s a huge part of this and this guidance will help us all get there.


Who can use this?

We’ve included this toolkit as one of the new resources on the CYD website for anyone or any organisation who wants to create a great experience for users in both Welsh and English.

You may be going through a procurement process for a service that needs to be bilingual – this document will help you with that too.



Remember that multilingual support is already common internationally, so using this document should be easy.

Bear in mind too that you should include support for both English and Welsh (what we call “Bilingual capability” below) from the outset among other requirements being considered, such as accessibility, security, and legislation.

Remember, it’s almost always possible to find a way to do something to help bilingual capability, and if it’s not, we may be able to work with the provider to find the solution.

Helo Blod has a long list of Welsh language/bilingual technology resources that you can use and reuse—from speech technology to Welsh maps, from translation to interfaces and lots more. Go to to download them for free.


We’ve written this document with the support of Interceptor Solutions Ltd. We’d welcome any information or constructive feedback that may help us improve it over time. If you feel that the document could be clearer, or you think the system you’re dealing with can’t offer bilingual capability, have a look at the Welsh Language Commissioner’s detailed guidance. And if you can’t find the answer there, let know and we’ll give you a helping hand.


Dr Indeg Marshall, Cymraeg 2050 Division

Cyd site is currently in Beta and this website will be developed as new services are created.
Cyd site is currently in Beta and this website will be developed as new services are created.