Cyd Release Notes

Cyd provides up-to-date release notes for our website on all devices. This article contains information about changes to the Cyd platform including new features, enhanced functionality and bug fixes.

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Our website is currently in Beta, undergoing testing and improvements to provide the best user experience possible.

13th July 2023

Added feature: Journey content

  • 3 parent routes have been established; Route 1, Route 2 and Route 3.
  • Within each route specific sub sections have been created.
  • Navigation to each step is a simple and intuitive process – users are able to view sub sections for ‘Develop’, ‘Tender’, ‘Receive and Evaluate
  • Responses’ and ‘Contract’ within each route.

Added feature: Resource content

  • Resources are articles and other content that support the procurement journey, featuring links to internal and external content.
  • Users are able to to filter resource types

Added feature: Site search

  • Functionality has been added to search through all content and content types on the site

Added feature: Case studies

  • Case studies are a collection of articles that support the procurement journey featuring content and links to internal and external resources
  • Users are able to filter case studies by content type and categories

Added feature: Events

  • Within events users can find Information about groups and events that are going on in Wales. They are an opportunity to get involved with cyd
  • Users are able to filter events by event series, and information is provided for each individual series


Cyd site is currently in Beta and this website will be developed as new services are created.